This is your job and mission, as well as your referral friends’. Your job at this Vilio Shop is
both a promoter and a trader. There are  important things you need to do.
1.First join this link
2.After registering, login and go to the wingo option there.
3.Here you will get three color
💜❤️💚and0-9 🔢 digits. The rules of playing and winning are as follows.👇🏻👇🏻
4.If you apply 1000 rupees.
Green Color💚 :: 980 × 2 = 1960 rupees. (1,3,7,9) with.
980 × 1.5 = Rs. 1470 will win (with 5)
Red Color ❤️:980 × 2 = 1960 will win (with 2,4,6,8)
980 × 1.5 = Rs. 1470 will win (with 0)
Violet Color 💜:980 × 4.5 = 44 GC10 will win with (0 and 5)
Number 🔢:If the number you entered is correct, then you will get 980 × 8 = Rs 7840.
5.To play, first recharge your wallet with at least 100 rupees. You can also start the game with 10 rupees.
6.This trade runs for 24 hours, you can earn whenever you want. The trend changes every three minutes.
7.With a little practice and understanding, you can earn a lot of money in a single day.
8.If you play with just Rs 1000, you can earn at least Rs 2,37,376 very easily in 30 days.
9.(Note: – Please send screenshot of dashboard after wallet recharge so that you can be given training to play)
10.Recharge Time: 24 x 7 Hours.
11.Withdrawal time: 10 am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri)
12.Everyday Referral Bonus.
13.Commission reward on the first day of every month.
14.To register: –


                   For More Details(अधिक जानकारी के लिए ):-                                               whatsapp&call:07049259804

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