Friends, today we will talk about PTC site, Paidverts. It started in 2014. Paidverts is also a Paid to click site like other PTC site which gives you money in exchange for seeing advertisers’ ads. Advertisers buy ads from Paidverts’s system. And Paidverts sends the purchased Adds to your account every hour. But remember Paidverts gives you bigger adds than other PTC site. 

Click here to open an account in Paidverts


     After opening the account :-log in to your Paidverts account and go to the Members home page, then click on View activation adds. And click on all the activation ads in your account one by one. Each activation ad will give you 25 BAP (Bonus add points). And if you have to do Aamdani then repeat this process daily.To BAPs we can say that this Paidverts have their own currency. Which helps us to get Paid adds. You can only earn BAPs on the first day of opening an account. Not CASH | Actually there is not much difference between BAPs and Cash, each BAPs is equal to $ 0.0005. You can only use BAPs to play games, and win some extra BAPs. That is, the first few weeks Paidverts gives you up to 400 BAPs activation ads which means Paidverts gives you $ 0.20 each day.Gives opportunity to Aamdani. And later Paidverts gives you only 200 BAPs activation ads. Aamdani for $ 0.10 every day and if you just click the activation ad. In this way, 1600 to 1800 BAPs are saved in your account within 5-7 days. And you are more likely to get big Adds. This means that if a $ 1 ad came to Paidverts and Paidverts wants to deliver this ad to your account, then there should be at least 2000 BAPs in your account. Aamdani of $ 0.0005 * 2000 = $ 1 each time Paidverts will give you paid add, BAPs up to the value of that add will be automatically deducted from the BAPs available in your account.Try to log your Paidverts account every 12 hours and click on the available ads. Because Paid adds expire in 18 hours and activation ads expire in 24 hours.

     Upgrade your account:- In Paidverts you can upgrade your account with just $ 0.05. After this upgration you are authorized to get recycled ads. By recycled adds, we mean that the ad which is not clicked in the timeline given by the other members become recycled. Suppose Mohan and Rakesh are members of two Paidverts, Mohan clicks his ad daily. And Rakesh is unable to click his ads for any reason, now the ads are automatically recycled from Rakesh’s account, which you can get after this upgration.But you need $ 0.05 for this upgration, apart from this you must have at least 2500 BAPs in your account but BAPs will not be deducted from your account. Because through this upgration, the Paidverts make sure that the upgraded member receives up to $ 1 of recycled ads.That’s because BAPs up to that value will be automatically deducted from your account when you provide recycled ad paidverts with Aamdani up to $ 1. And as soon as your Aamdani up to $ 1 recycled ads are complete, this upgration will also be finished. That means you spent $ 0.05 on Aamdani for $ 1. You can do this process again and again in Paidverts by Aamdani.

   Purchase Adds:- Purchase Adds process is the most important process in Paidverts aimed at Aamdani. As soon as you make up to $ 1. You can buy your ad in Paidverts which provides you the following

1:-25 (728 * 90) banner impression
2:-100 (125 * 125) Banner Impressions
3:-50 visit to your website
4:-3100 bonus add points will be added to your account immediately.

     Let me remind you again that one BAPs is equal to $ 0.0005 and you are getting 3100 BAPs for every $ 1 spent. Which means that you are getting a chance to make $ 1.55 Aamdani after spending $ 1. So do this process again and again and earn good money in Paidverts.

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